Old Oak Common Station – WP7 & WP16

Bachy Soletanche Balfour Beatty Ground Engineering JV

Construction Project Overview

This project is a key element of the UK’s HS2 railway initiative, comprising the development of a station located on a brownfield site adjacent to the Old Oak Common railway depot in Kensal Green, London NW10. The new station is being constructed by Bachy Soletanche Balfour Beatty Ground Engineering Joint Venture. This brand new development will provide 14 platforms; six HS2 platforms offering high-speed services to the North and Midlands; four Crossrail platforms, and four conventional rail platforms. Bachy Soletanche Balfour Beatty Ground Engineering Joint Venture has been awarded a Considerate Constructors Scheme Gold National Site Award for the incredible standards upheld at the site during in 2023.  The team has gone above and beyond in aligning standards with the Scheme’s core guidelines, while delivering positive impacts for the benefit of the community, the environment and workforce.

Project Highlights

The project team has been outstanding in delivering strong performance at this vast construction site. Community performance has been notable for the sustainable social value programme implemented, which was designed to facilitate a positive legacy in a largely new community undergoing considerable growth and change. As on other parts of the HS2 programme, there is merit in seeking feedback from a broader cross-section of those living near and affected by the project (a client decision, and the project team has been exceptional in managing this process. Environmental performance remains outstanding with specific initiatives to reduce embodied carbon. Workforce performance has also stood out at the site, with teams going above and beyond to ensure workforce welfare and continual improvement. Overall, the calibre of the work being done is evidenced by the submission of a number of best practice entries and an innovation, which have made this flourish.

Innovations & Best Practices

The site team has stood out for its professional approach to reaching excellent standards by implementing several innovations and a best practice initiative. For innovations, the team hosted a health and wellbeing event at Old Oak Common, inviting local businesses to sell goods and services to HS2 colleagues. The event aimed to raise economic aspirations in the community while providing staff with convenient relaxation opportunities. The team also implemented the D Wall project to improve mechanical on-site grabbing systems by increasing the weight of the Bachy Grab to match the Bauer Grab, resulting in increased winch speed and improved soil penetration. In terms of best practice, the project team also eliminated ‘working at height’ risks with the introduction of the O-cell Piling method, which improved traditional on-site load testing activities while saving approximately 150 tonnes of CO2 during testing.

Respecting the Community

The project team has gone above and beyond to keep local communities engaged while carrying out positive initiatives to give back to the community. A particularly beneficial aspect of the social value work carried out at the project is capacity building. The new communities forming around Old Oak Common benefit greatly from the knowledge transfer underway, through key initiatives like regular community meetings, community site tours, public-focused newsletters and ongoing work with local schools and community groups. Commendable initiatives include Christmas charity projects for low-income households in the surrounding community, bi-weekly community jogging and litter-picking sessions on-site and direct support for the Richmond Fellowship, a local mental health community charity.

Caring for the Environment

The site team has excelled in driving forward environmental innovations and improvements, with forward strides in materials management, water recycling and pollution control in particular. Site teams have been instrumental in minimising negative impacts by managing dust control for example while organising litter picking events, while PPE recycling is in place along with monthly environmental and sustainability action reports. Contaminated land remediation remains a commendable focus. Rigorous carbon footprint measurements are in place and the project team has been instrumental in waste management, silt protection and containment practices to protect nearby watersources like the Grand Union Canal.>

Valuing the Workforce

The project team has displayed a transparent and self-confident approach with its workforce welfare work. There has been a demonstrable commitment to the highest safety standards, with a positive safety culture being showcased during each site visit. Workforce welfare initiatives on-site are also exceptional, with a broad range of campaigns in place to foster positive health and wellbeing improvements; from running clubs and the provision of occupational health and flexible working arrangements, to a positive promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion campaigns like Black History Month. A shuttle bus service is provided to transport staff to local train stations and the underground, and thorough staff compliance measures are in place.

Congratulations to the team for these outstanding construction achievements.

Award Level

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