Galliford Try Infrastructure

Construction Project Overview

This project involves the construction of the North and East Melton Mowbray Distributor Road (NEMMDR) for Leicestershire County Council. The road aims to reduce congestion in Melton Mowbray by diverting through traffic. This 7.1 km single carriageway connects the A606 and A607, crossing six watercourses, the River Eye flood plain and a railway line. Galliford Try Infrastructure has been awarded a Considerate Constructors Scheme Gold National Site Award for the incredible standards upheld during the project in 2023. The project team has been dedicated to high-quality construction throughout this period, while actively prioritising community engagement, environmental responsibility, and workforce wellbeing.

Project Highlights

The project team has stood out for demonstrating a strong commitment to positive industry representation. Effective community engagement was evident in their courteous approach towards local residents and businesses. Complaints were handled swiftly, and those who raised concerns often expressed gratitude for the company’s responsiveness. The project supported local schools by offering work experience placements, even leading to an apprenticeship opportunity for one student. Additionally, the team actively participated in community fundraising events and environmental restoration projects such as enhancing a primary school’s wildlife area.

Innovations & Best Practices

The project team has also gone above and beyond by implementing several CCS-approved best practice initiatives. The team utilised a portable, chemical-free Filter Feeder dewatering system to clean road sweepers used on the site. The team also made the best use of surplus concrete by employing specialised moulds to create interlocking concrete blocks from leftover concrete to support walls and storage areas on the construction project. Additionally, the site team conducted a local radio show Q & A session on local radio station The Eye to answer listener questions about the project’s impact and timeline, thereby maximising community engagement.

Respecting the Community

The project team consistently prioritised positive relationships with the local community, treating residents and businesses with respect. Their commitment to the area was evident in their Employment and Skills Plan, which resulted in work experience opportunities and an apprenticeship. Their diverse community initiatives further solidified their positive impact.

Caring for the Environment

The site has operated under a certified environmental management system, prioritising pollution prevention. This eco-friendly approach included high-standard site accommodation, hybrid generators, solar-powered lights, and electric vehicles. The sensitive River Eye SSSI crossing was addressed through realignment and habitat expansion. The company published a carbon reduction plan, aiming for Net Zero across its operations by 2030 and across all activities by 2045.

Valuing the Workforce

The site team has also excelled in workforce wellbeing, with health and safety being paramount, and systems like the CBAB behavioural safety programme in place. The team prioritised workforce wellbeing, offering initiatives like occupational health nurse visits and the Lighthouse Trust’s #MakeItVisible programme. The site maintained excellent welfare facilities and the company invested in its workforce through comprehensive training and apprenticeships, while also promoting awareness of the Lighthouse Trust charity‚Äôs financial support services.

Congratulations to the team for these outstanding performance levels.

Award Level

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