New Welsh Medium School


Construction Project Overview

This project focused on the new-build construction of a Welsh Medium primary school for approximately 540 students in the village of Rhydyfelin, near Pontypridd. Situated within the grounds of an existing school and bordering residential properties, the site was strategically located to ensure accessibility of major road networks throughout construction. ISG Construction has been awarded a Considerate Constructors Scheme Gold National Site Award for the incredible standards upheld during the project in 2023. The site team’s strong commitment to high standards, the Considerate Constructors Scheme’s Code of Practice, and positive impacts on the community, environment, and workforce during 2023 have earned them significant recognition.

Project Highlights

The site team actively promoted a positive image within the construction industry, maintaining a professional appearance and engaging in consistent community outreach. They created valuable opportunities through work placements and apprenticeships and partnered with educational establishments to promote construction careers. The site also prioritised reducing its carbon footprint, pursuing NetZero targets, and integrating sustainable ‘green’ initiatives aligned with BREEAM standards. Prioritising workforce and public wellbeing, along with open communication, were hallmarks of the project’s success, leading to consistently high scores and a dedication to innovative best practices that significantly enhanced the project.

Innovations & Best Practices

Beyond achieving excellent overall scores, the site team implemented two best practices on-site to take things further. A Gripple Bracketry system provided efficiency gains and sustainability benefits for structural tasks. Additionally, they introduced the Bramble Energy Hydrogen Fuel Cell as a fossil fuel alternative to power site walkway lighting, successfully testing its design in a real-world setting and demonstrating impressive energy-saving results.

Respecting the Community

The site team’s positive community engagement efforts made a tangible difference, fostering goodwill and promoting the construction industry to potential newcomers. Their outreach initiatives earned high praise from local stakeholders.

Caring for the Environment

The team proactively sourced and implemented ‘green’ energy solutions, demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental protection. Their emphasis on waste reduction and recycling was exemplary, and they actively promoted the Supply Chain Sustainability School, offering valuable resources to help the industry achieve high environmental standards.

Valuing the Workforce

The site team also prioritised workforce health, safety, and wellbeing. They promoted industry training programmes to support upskilling and individual development and sourced work placement opportunities locally to support the economy. Their high standard in welfare provisions, along with their commitment to structured workforce welfare programmes, was commended.

Congratulations to the team for these outstanding performance levels.

Award Level

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