Heathside School, Walton-on-Thames

BAM Construction Ltd.

Construction Project Overview

The project involves the development of a brand-new school on a brownfield site in a semi-rural area on the outskirts of Walton-on-Thames. This includes the installation of a tiger crossing, new bus stop, and the relocation of lamp posts. BAM Construction Ltd has been awarded a Considerate Constructors Scheme Gold National Site Award for the incredible standards upheld during the project in 2023. The project has been exemplary in demonstrating an outstanding commitment to delivering positive community, environmental, and workforce impacts, adhering closely to the Considerate Constructors Scheme guidelines.

Project Highlights

Throughout 2023, the project team consistently maintained high standards across the construction site. Their detailed community plan and proactive resident liaison officers ensured ongoing actions to benefit the local communities. Collaboration with a local college to promote construction careers and exceptional work experience programmes demonstrated their dedication. The site’s appearance and facilities were carefully presented to create a positive and lasting impression on the public. Environmental procedures were rigorous, with ambitious plans to achieve NetZero. The project also prioritised workforce engagement and training, implementing various initiatives to promote well-being. Health and safety management aligned fully with the Scheme’s guidelines, ensuring excellent scores in line with the Code of Considerate Practice.

Innovations & Best Practices

The project team also demonstrated a strong commitment to positive on-site practices by adopting several CCS-approved best practices. To enhance worker safety, they introduced the DUSTCANARYâ„¢TREND 420, a wearable device that monitored dust levels in real-time. Additionally, the team adopted Ocean Saver Power Cleaning Eco Drops, a plant-based, eco-friendly cleaning solution promoting reduced waste and safer storage.

Respecting the Community

The site gave high priority to community activities, engaging stakeholders through regular informative meetings as part of their corporate social responsibility plan. There were comprehensive systems for monitoring on-site complaints and compliments. Operations were professional and well-managed, and the workforce was kept fully informed.

Caring for the Environment

The team was strongly committed to environmental responsibility. Comprehensive procedures upheld environmental management-affiliated standards. They produced a detailed NetZero carbon target and plan for 2030 and initiated eco-positive actions. These ranged from using eco-friendly cleaning products to replacing diesel with carbon-reducing HVO fuel.

Valuing the Workforce

The project team demonstrated a strong commitment to workforce welfare, safety, and development. They ensured a fully qualified workforce and implemented comprehensive policies supporting equality, diversity, and inclusion. On-site facilities were well-maintained by a professional full-time cleaner. Proactive initiatives, such as healthy lifestyle campaigns and mental health training, further promoted workforce safety and wellbeing.

Congratulations to the team for these outstanding performance levels.

Award Level

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