Canvey Island Southern Shoreline Revetment

Balfour Beatty

Construction Project Overview

This 3.2km coastal revetment replacement project on Canvey Island is progressing within the TEAM2100 Framework for upgrading the Thames tidal flood defences. Balfour Beatty has been awarded a Considerate Constructors Scheme Gold National Site Award for the incredible standards upheld during the project in 2023. The project team has fully embraced the Scheme’s vision over 2023, demonstrating a strong commitment to making a positive impact on the community, environment, and workforce.

Project Highlights

The site team has excelled in all aspects of the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice, interacting well with the community and implementing a robust traffic management plan to minimise inconvenience to local residents. Environmental measures were also top-notch, addressing all Code requirements with an emphasis on reducing their carbon footprint and enhancing the natural environment. Workforce arrangements were impressive, featuring training opportunities, robust health and safety protocols, strong equality principles, and top-tier welfare facilities. A commitment to diversity and an open, supportive workplace atmosphere was evident, with the team ensuring the site remained clean and organised.

Innovations & Best Practices

The project team also went above and beyond by introducing a cutting-edge, solar-powered compound power system, designed in conjunction with Sunbelt. This innovation led to a carbon reduction of 1 tonne of CO2e per week and was so successful that the team planned to continue using solar power alongside other energy sources like hydrogen.

Respecting the Community

The team demonstrated a strong commitment to community engagement. They maintained a well-presented site, ensuring public and workforce safety, and managing traffic effectively. Site boundaries were clean, and the team had a clear communication strategy that ensured respectful conduct on-site and within the community. Regular updates kept stakeholders well-informed about progress.

Caring for the Environment

The team adhered to strong environmental principles, demonstrating environmental management accreditation, and included environmental considerations as a central part of training. They actively aimed to reduce carbon emissions, promoted their achievements in this area, and utilised electric vehicles where possible. Specific actions included samphire relocation and the creation of artificial rock pools with low-carbon concrete, illustrating their commitment to achieving NetZero by 2050.

Valuing the Workforce

The team also championed equality, diversity, inclusion (EDI) alongside fairness, inclusion, and respect (FIR) principles. Their strong safety focus was underscored by their occupational health and safety accreditation and their welfare facilities were well-maintained. Positive, inclusive leadership encouraged everyone to contribute. Thorough risk assessments and verifications demonstrated due diligence. The team spirit was excellent, fostered by a supportive and inclusive environment. Mental health resources further highlighted the site’s holistic approach to workforce wellbeing.

Congratulations to the team for these outstanding performance levels.

Award Level

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