Galliford Try Construction (UK) Ltd

Construction Project Overview

This project involves the refurbishment of an existing commercial building, comprised of offices, retail units, and reception areas. The client’s goal is to create a leading office space in Birmingham. The work includes renovating existing office areas (with residents still present), refurbishing retail units, and redeveloping back-of-house areas with updated mechanical and electrical systems. Galliford Try has been awarded a Considerate Constructors Scheme Gold National Site Award for the incredible standards upheld during the project in 2023. The project team has been dedicated to delivering the highest quality work throughout 2023 while adhering to Considerate Constructors Scheme standards.

Project Highlights

The project prioritised community, environmental responsibility, and workforce well-being. Existing building users were well-informed through clear site notices and branded hoarding. Consistent communication and responsiveness established a positive rapport with existing tenants. The company adopted a strong ethos around waste management and energy efficiency. All staff vehicles were electric or hybrid, and the project championed carbon-zero objectives, evident in its use of second-hand office furniture from local charities. The company provided excellent welfare facilities and training opportunities via ‘T’ levels, with one student securing full-time employment onsite.

Innovations & Best Practices

The project team also proactively promoted excellent on-site standards and solutions by taking things further with best practices. Galliford Try’s best practice Virtual Reality headset training for health & safety significantly reduced high-risk accidents on-site and earned the prestigious Princess Royal Training Award. The team also introduced the best practice Powertrack Reusable Lighting System to reduce costs and environmental impact.

Respecting the Community

The project emphasised personalised communication with existing tenants and prioritised hiring locally. The project utilised 6 KPIs aligned with community involvement via TOMS. Site signage was clean and well-maintained, and security was ensured by a full-time gateperson. The project actively engaged the community, having participated in Open Doors Week and a STEM event in 2023.

Caring for the Environment

Environmental responsibility has been a core value of the project, promoted through on-site toolbox talks and a clear focus on waste segregation and recycling. The company has a comprehensive plan to achieve Net Carbon Zero by 2030 and prioritised eco-efficient accommodation, local suppliers, subcontractors, and energy monitoring to reduce the project’s carbon footprint.

Valuing the Workforce

The site team also placed a strong emphasis on workforce wellbeing. Comprehensive equality and diversity training was provided, and an open-door policy encouraged communication with management. Training covered various topics with dedicated helplines available. Wellbeing Wednesday events boosted morale, and there was a commitment to safety with on-site access to a defibrillator. The project actively promoted construction industry careers through STEM and ‘T’ level initiatives.

Congratulations to the team for these outstanding performance levels.

Award Level

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