196-222 Kings Road

Wates Construction

Construction Project Overview

196-222 King’s Road is a mixed-use development that will deliver a cinema, rooftop bar, public house, 47 apartments as well as various commercial and residential units. Wates Construction has been awarded a Gold National Site Award for the incredible standards upheld during the project in 2023.

Project Highlights

The site has been well organised and impeccably presented. Community engagement was strong, with litter picks, a community liaison officer, monthly newsletters, and noticeboards. Environmental standards were promoted, with targets publicised and fixed monitors for vibration, noise, and air quality. Site access, safety, and emergency arrangements were robust. Welfare facilities were clean and tidy, with cultural and diverse provisions in place and further development planned. Health and mental wellbeing initiatives featured prominently, including first aiders and occupational nurse visits.

Innovations & Best Practices

The project team is commended for its proactive adoption of a CCS-approve innovation and best practice. It introduced the innovative use of biodegradable cable ties to reduce plastic waste, using ties that decompose quickly and safely. Site managers also introduced the best practice Ml 3.0 tracked carrier to lift heavy site goods, which significantly minimised the risk of crush injuries thanks to its removable battery pack and versatile, adaptable load platform.

Respecting the Community

The team has demonstrated exceptional community-focused initiatives. Project information has been clearly and professionally displayed on hoardings and the site’s appearance was clean and tidy. Site offices and welfare facilities were discreetly located. There was a dedicated community liaison officer and positive gestures made towards local residents. Wider community engagement included charities, schools, colleges, and universities. Scheme registration was also visibly promoted.

Caring for the Environment

The project has been committed to sustainability and safeguarding the environment. Environmental policy and procedures were highlighted during workforce inductions. Environmental targets and achievements were promoted internally and via newsletters. Full carbon footprint reporting was undertaken, with a carbon strategy and net zero target engaging the supply chain. Waste and energy reduction procedures were monitored, as was compliance with mobile machinery regulations and COSHH control. Fixed monitors measured noise, vibration, and air quality on the site perimeter.

Valuing the Workforce

The site has taken workforce concerns seriously. Site access was controlled, with workforce verification upon employment. Safe start meetings, toolbox talks, safety stand-downs, and task-specific RAMS were routinely applied. Welfare facilities were well organised, clean, and included sanitary products and a multi-faith prayer room. Health and mental wellbeing initiatives were strong, encompassing mental health first aiders and occupational nurse visits among other activities.

Congratulations to the team for these outstanding initiatives.

Award Level

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